2007-06-07 01:15:57

The PHP integer overflow story

I just couldn't resist: I had to put the PHP integer overflow story up on php.is-broken.ch:

An integer overflow vulnerability has been discovered in PHP on June 1st, 2007. In theory, this shouldn't be hard to get rid of, but even after repeated attempts, the PHP developers have yet to find the solution...

Read the full story «The Integer Overflow» on php.is-broken.ch!

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2007-06-03 19:04:37

Nature and Science bans OOXML

Science, the journal of the America Association for the Advancement of Science, has just decided to refuse submissions made in the Microsoft OOXML format provided by Microsoft Office 2007. The reason is named with a downgrade to Office 2003 that had to be done by the editorial staff.

According to an announcement made by the editorial staff, the downgrade had to be done because a severe incompatibility of Office 2007 with prior versions prevented them from reading older articles and submissions made with people using older versions of MS Office.

Also accepted are submissions in the open TeX format as well as OpenDocument and PDF submissions.

The whole article can be found at http://prorev.com/2007/05/science-pubs-reject-articles-written-in.htm.

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2007-06-03 15:22:12

BIOS calendar

January February March

April May June

July August September

October November December

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2007-05-30 20:03:21

Germany becoming increasingly hostile

According to the german news paper Berliner Morgenpost, Germany is turning into an increasingly hostile place. The paper analyzed the movements of the german population since the year 2001 as well as tourism statistics and immigration.

The result can easily be summarized: Germany is losing a lot of citizens – mainly young citizens – to more attractive neighboring countries, such as Switzerland and Austria. At the same time, immigration is in a continuing decline.

The paper fails to come up with possible reasons for this trend. The most significant reason is probably the increasingly bad situation of average people in the country. During the last couple of years, the unemployment has risen significantly while at the same time the unemployment insurance returns have been cut drastically. Also, a lot of bullying has been introduced to further reduce the life quality of unemployed. The tax laws are horribly complicated, and the taxes hardly increase for people who earn more money. Also, the average income has been greatly reduced, causing neighboring countries to consider Germany a low-wage labor market.

Even worse, the quality of the educative system has dropped dramatically. This did not prevent the universities though from introducing studying fees that are well above even the average in Switzerland. At the same time, the number of professors is still not high enough to allow them to take care of students individually, contributing to the bad impression.

To summarize it, it appars to be pretty hard to find a reason not to leave Germany...

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2007-05-30 19:36:52

Media reception of the hacker tools criminalization law in Germany

The english IT newspaper «The Register» covers the german anti hacking tools legislation. The article focuses mainly on the fact that the law is mostly ill-considered and will harm the IT security industry severely.

The german IT news site Heise is blowing into the same horn. However, in an older article, Heise even accuses the federal council of not listening to critics during the hearings.

The media which are less focused on IT tended to ignore the new law entirely. Also, the repressions accompaning the G8 summit in Germany mostly passed by below the radar and got lost in the uproar of the doping scandal. Apparently, it just happened to be the right time.

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