2007-07-19 06:05:47

ANSI: Abstention with comments?

According to Doug Mahugh, the V1 committee in the USA is very likely to vote for Abstention with Comments.

Even after 14 firmly Pro-OOXML entities entered the V1 commttee a couple of days before the decision, their voices were not strong enough to overturn it. This actually means that Microsoft's home country will be missing from the list of promoters of OOXML, since they neglected to follow Microsoft's voting recommendation, which is «Yes, with comments».

However, this is a sane decision. There are over 200 errors in the OOXML specification, and if it is accepted as-is, this means that there is absolutely no reason to fix these problems. As such, an international standard should only be adopted if no severe problems are known which would have to fixed in order for it to be implementable.

Also, the question remains whether or not the standard should be adopted at all, since no justification has yet been given to why OOXML has been drafted in ignorance of existing standards, which cover most if not all of its specification. As such, the standard should be redrafted entirely and reformulated as a set of extensions to ISO/IEC 26300 (Open Document Format), unless reasoning can be provided for the standard.

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2007-07-17 03:34:09

OOXML astroturfing campaign of the month: V4I

Voices for Innovation is Microsoft's latest astroturfing campaign in favor of Microsoft's Office Open XML format. The purpose of the campaign is to simulate a great interest of small, innovative companies in the standardization of the format.

The principle is about as old as the name. During the software patent debate in the European Parliament, the Campaign for Creativity, a collection of Microsoft Gold Partners and spin-off companies from former Microsoft employees, tried to imitate a grassroot lobbying movement, strongly voicing the opinion that small companies can only be innovative if they get the power of software patents.

Wikipedia has a definition of astroturfing.

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2007-07-17 03:18:47

Portugese standardization organization says there is no space for Sun and IBM

The chairman of the portugese standardization organization said that there was no place in the working group on ISO/IEC DIS 29500 (OOXML). Using this reasoning, IBM and Sun Microsystems were refused seats in the technical committee.

Both IBM and Sun are big and important players in the information technology sector. Their importance for the market is about comparable to that of Microsoft. However, both Sun and IBM are currently pushing for the existing ISO standard 26300 (Open Document Format), which is used in a lot of free software products, such as OpenOffice.org, Star Office, KOffice and related suites.

The committee however is now crowded with Microsoft (3 seats) and Microsoft Gold Partners.

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2007-06-29 13:33:47

ISO global relevance aims at elimination of standard duplication

In their new stategy for Global Relevance (See also the article on noooxml.org) the International Standard Organization ISO have declared a new aim: the elimination of duplicate standards.

According to Haakon Meland Eriksen, the ISO member states have adopted a policy to ensure only one global ISO standard in any field. This has been done due to prior bad experiences with the several ISO standards in a single field, which lead to increased costs on the implementors because usually, devices need to support all standards and must in some cases even be able to convert products of one standard to the other, depending on the field of science the standard applied to.

According to ANSI, this policy «provides International Solutions to Market Needs».

The question that remains to be asked is whether, and if so, how this will affect the standardization process of ISO/IEC DIS 29500.

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2007-06-13 21:16:42

10 FUD truths from IFPI

The IFPI have written an article called «10 inconvenient truths» about file sharing. However, it appears impossible to find proves to the claims made by the IFPI. So while their statements might be highly inconvenient, they seem to lag a bit behind with the truth part.

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