2012-10-05 18:30:00

The Apple Experiment

In order to know better what I'm talking about, I have started an experiment: I got myself an iPhone.


Now that your shock has faded, let me explain. First of all, it is not a new iPhone. I got an iPhone 4S for cheap from someone who just received it back from repairs as a replacement drive. So my phone was either new or refurbished, so as good as new. I still have about a year's worth of warranty left.

The purpose of this experiment is for me to figure out and document what the life of an Apple user is like. So I'm not going to jailbreak my iPhone or use any other methods to make my life easier or to make the iPhone work more like I want it to. I want the full dosis, and I want to try out every detail Apple is throwing at me. And I will try not to resort to my good old Galaxy Nexus for the period of the experiment, even when I want to.

And with that, wish me some luck on my challenge.

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