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2010-06-12 07:44:11

Cassandra in pkgsrc

During this second quarter of 2010, I added a number of Cassandra related packages to the pkgsrc package collection. They will appear in the next quarterly branches. The following packages have been added:

  • databases/apache-cassandra: Highly scalable, distributed structured key-value store
  • databases/libcassandra: C++ interface to Cassandra
  • databases/p5-Net-Cassandra: Perl5 module for accessing the Cassandra database
  • databases/py-cassa: Python client library for Cassandra
  • databases/ruby-activerecord-cassandra: ActiveRecord Cassandra adapter
  • databases/ruby-cassandra: Ruby extension for Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a next generation, No-SQL, non-relational distributed database. Unlike SQL databases, it behaves more like a key-value store and can store nested data structures. Cassandra is already in use by a number of large web sites, and has clients for a number of programming languages, like the ones mentioned above.

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