2010-03-10 14:28:40

RPM package for Nanoblogger and preparing a new package repository

Since I was searching for my nanoblogger RPM or .spec file for the third time now, I decided that now that I'm leaving SyGroup it's time to move my software development and packages to a well-defined place. As I recently saw the domain young-solutions.ch and as I'm the owner of ancient-one.ch, I figured it would be a nice fit to put it all on ancient-solutions.ch.

If you're expecting content there yet, you're a tad too early. The idea is merely a sketch at this point. So far my plans comprise an installation of Gitorious so I can migrate my projects away from Github to my own hosted place. Of course, bsdprojects.net was meant for this initially, but it's less private.

The current idea of the domain looks as follows:

Host Content
www.ancient-solutions.ch A small web site describing the whole thing, with links to the other subsites; or maybe the gitorious site?
blog.ancient-solutions.ch A blog with progress information
git.ancient-solutions.ch The git repositories with a gitweb for everyone to see
bcollect.ancient-solutions.ch A short web site (wiki?) about bcollect
clib.ancient-solutions.ch A short web site (wiki?) about clib
rpm.ancient-solutions.ch RPM package repositories
deb.ancient-solutions.ch Debian package repositories

The spec files etc. would eventually end up on git.ancient-solutions.ch.

Anybody got a cthulhu logo?

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