2009-09-20 14:34:21

Tauss is not alone - waiver of immunity of Roberto Fiore

Waiving parliamentary immunity appears to be a rather common case these days. Currently, the European Parliament is debating IMM/2009/2056 – Request for the waiver of parliamentary immunity of Roberto Fiore.

Usually, this type of activity is pretty rare. But in these days where everyone is talking about the democracy being under attack by terrorists and ministers of interior, such signs should be considered as a clear indication that something else is going wrong.

It should also be noted that I do believe more in the guilt of Fiore than I do in the guilt of Tauss, whose immunity has also been waived by the German Bundesrat. Tauss is being accused of possession of child pornographic material. However, this coincided strangely with his refusal to vote in favor of the party line. Also, incidentally, one of Tauss' working areas was the investigation of child pornography, so fabricating proof would be an easy task.

With these cases at hand we should all ask ourselves the question: what is really wrong in today's politics?

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