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2009-02-03 19:38:12

Fun with packages from Steg

Last thursday, I was ordering a quad core Phenom and a new mainboard from Steg Computer. Since my two workstations just failed, I ordered express because I wanted to get the stuff Real Soon Now.

On monday morning, we received a small piece of paper saying that we can now fetch the package at the local post office. So I did, but the postmen couldn't hand me the package, unfortunately, because the recipient address had magically changed to the CEO of our company. (Remember it was a private order from my private account.)

So I called the number which was written in the confirmation email from a company SIP phone to complain (041/259 00 88) — refused. I retried with my cell phone, which said ”The number you dialed is not valid.“

Now I had a look at the web site for the telephone number, but unfortunately it was the same unreachable phone number.

So I sat down and wrote a very irate fax telling them to keep the package and remove all of my customer records (so they wouldn't mix anyone else up with me and disclose personal information), and sent it to the fax number of Steg. It came back — invalid number. So I wrote ”Fraud?!“ on the fax in big letters and faxed it to all Steg stores in the German part of Switzerland (the fax was in German, otherwise I'd have sent it to the french stores as well).

Later in the evening, while I was attending SwiNOG Beer Event, the Steg people called up our office and reached Sandro who told them that they are not very likely to get me back as a customer. I concur.

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2009-02-03 19:30:27

1/3 IPv6 traffic!

Checking the netstat counters on our router today, it seems that almost a third of our traffic is now IPv6:

3105502 packets received (IPv4)
2070329 packets received (IPv6)

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