2008-09-21 14:30:36

bouml is behind on NetBSD

On their web site, bouml claims that NetBSD lags behind significantly, having bouml 2.27 packaged.

bouml web site screenshot

This is wrong in two ways. Firstly, NetBSD does not have any packages at all, packages for NetBSD are usually created through the OS independent pkgsrc tree, which, while being developed by the NetBSD foundation, is not especially related to NetBSD.

But more than this, having a short look at pkgsrc reveals the following:

$ pwd
$ make show-var VARNAME=PKGNAME

Evidently, the bouml site is lagging behind significantly? If so, maybe the two sleeping smileys on the site mean just that.

Audit trail

  • 04 Oct 2008 01:20:05: The bouml site has been updated in that respect with the release of bouml 4.6.1, which will however only ship in pkgsrc after the 2008Q3 branch.

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