2008-09-14 19:44:10

Chinese Internet to the world?

The olympic fever was omnipresent during the past 2 monthes. But apparently, some of the ITU as well as some politicians took the notion of an olympic fever way too litterally and started living a feverish dream. While before the olympic summer games, everybody complained about repression of the Chinese and lack of freedom and liberty, very weird voices are raising now after the games.

The target is clear. Berthold Brecht suggested in his Radiotheroie that giving people the possibility to voice their opinion unrevised, universally, will inadvertedly start to develop an opinion of their own and start to escape state supervision. This is what happened on the Internet, but the state authorities are afraid of losing grip on the situation since it was not planned to track down individual members of such a discussion group.

Like Wau Holland said: «Denen ist Brechts Radiotheorie auf die Füsse gefallen, sie haben es nur noch nicht gemerkt.» (”Brecht's Radio theory came to haunt them, they just didn't notice it yet.“)

Since in the meanwhile, the radio theory has indeed been noticed, and the Internet is said to be full of terror (funnily in accordance with Brecht's theory), politicians as well as the ITU are monitoring the situation in China very closely. Why? Because China has managed to establish structures to control the information visible in their part of the Internet. This means that evil terrorism – such as asking for a democratic government – will be noticed and the responsibles can be thrown into prison.

This of course causes a lot of envy among our local politicians. The German CSU politician Uhl recently asked for Chinese-style restricted Internet access in Europe as well: ”If the Chinese can do it, we can do it as well. In that case I take pride in being authoritarian.“

And this is not just a single case from a random politician: the International Telephony Union (ITU) recently set up a working group for tracing back IPs. Evidently, the aim is no longer to convert China into a democracy, but rather to turn the rest of the world into a dictatorship.

Or maybe it's all just an olympic feverish dream?

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