2008-08-24 02:01:08

New rt for pkgsrc!

After a request from Dan, I upgraded rt to the new version 3.8, and was slightly surprised. Apart from the new interface which finally looks like the MacOS 10 user interface, just like all web applications attempt to these days, and the rich text mail editor — a feature I am hoping never to see in action — it also features a whole new set of user configuration options, and, even better, PGP support.

Also improved is the SPAM filtering support. It is no longer necessary now to prefix rt-mailgate with procmail. Usability is also massively improved, the menu is now on the left again rather than on the top. Only submenus open on top. The annoying thing is though that in menus of a certain depth, the menu bar jumps between top and left for the same menu since the top bar only ever shows the topmost level.

People who are afraid of wearing glasses can now also configure font sizes at will.

So it is time to congratulate Best Practical to their new release, and to look forward to deploying the new PGP feature.

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