2008-03-20 16:52:02

Microsoft disses its new productivity suite, calls Outlook volatile

In its latest advertisement, Microsoft shows little confidence in its latest productivity suite «Microsoft Dynamics». For Outlook, the judgement is even worse: it is paraphrased as volatile.

Do you need to rescue your segment of fresh products from expiration by selling? Now, this task is as simple as writing a mail in Outlook.

Certainly, no product can influence the volatility of the market. It is not a question of the product in use whether or not you can manage to sell your fresh products before they expire. Normally, in the end of the day, a small amount of fresh products is still left, because in order to serve all customers, there must be slightly more offer than demand in this sector.

So evidently, the point Microsoft is trying to make is that Outlook's behavior when sending mail is rather volatile and that it never really works out fully except in really rare cases.

On the other hand, Outlook is known to send weird documents instead of E-Mails, such as, for example, HTML format or even RTF and MS-TNEF. Also, Outlook tends to bug out when encountering various attachment formats, such as, for example PGP signatures. This means that it is not really usable as a mail program, and best replaced with a different mail product, such as, for example, Claws Mail.

Since the advertisement explicitly declares the usability of the two applications as equivalent, this means that Microsoft has given itself a pretty bad evaluation of its new productivity suite – the notion of being barely usable.

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