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2007-10-31 00:42:11

EU Commission: Microsoft patent pledge "incompatible with Open Source"

In an article about Microsoft's Patent Pledge on iDABC, the European Commission quotes itself acknowledging that the patent pledge does not help the interests of Open Source software.

After 2004's antitrust decision against Microsoft, declaring the company a monopolist, many voices have been raised that the imposed sanctions do not satisfy the requiremends of effective procurement. Concerns have been raised that the sanctions would not help to change the behavior of the corporation in question.

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2007-10-23 09:13:47

Invitation to the 2nd Swiss FOSS compatible lobbyists meeting in Berne

I would like to invite all people who have an interest in political activism for the benefits of Open Source and Free Software as well as aiming at a free and open information infrastructure (open standards, etc.) to the second Swiss FOSS compatible lobbyist meeting in Berne, in the conference room in the railway station. The meeting will take place on

Monday, November 5th, 2007 18:00 (that is 6pm)

in the conference rooms inside the railway station of Bern, Switzerland.

The place is easily reached by taking the train to Berne and leaving at the central station. If you are planning to go there by car, there is a parking lot (surveilled) right above the railway station (Universität Langgasse).

If you have comments or don't know how to find this place, call me under TL1733-RIPE or +41.793790549.


  1. Salutation
  2. Review of the situation since the first meeting
  3. Analysis of failed projects
  4. Introduction of working groups and creating member lists (see next headline)
  5. Working group agenda discussion
  6. Outlook on likely items for the year 2008
  7. Maybe drop by at the Altes Tramdepot or something similar to have a drink

Proposed woking groups

The following is a list of working groups which are deemed helpful for the organization of the upcoming campaigns:

Currently debated items

  • Office OpenXML standardization
  • Copyright Revision (cleanup work)
  • Federal Surveillance (trojan etc.)

Generic Working Groups

  • Open Standards
  • Amendments
  • Lobbying
  • Intelligence
  • Press
  • IT (Yes, there are lots of things to do in this area too)

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2007-10-23 08:52:54

When Worse than Failue fails

Instead of the daily Worse Than Failure, a weird message can be read today on the home page:

An Error Occured

Not sure what it was, but it was logged. A human will eventually look at it. If the problem persists, please Contact Us. If the problem is on the contact form, then ... well ... that pretty much sucks. You can email instead: alexp-at-WorseThanFailure.com.

Seems these people should look for some software which is not based on ASP.

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2007-10-12 08:33:04

Microsoft releases its patent dogs towards Linux

A NPE (non-producing entity, see also patent troll) named IP Innovation and Technology Licensing Corp. has filed a plaintif against Red Hat and Novell, both Linux distributors, for infringement of US patent 5'072'412. This patent covers the use of multiple desktops to hold one's windows in a structured way.

Not surprisingly, this plaintiff comes right after Steve Ballmer's announcement that Linux selling corporations will fall victim to patent claims in the future. According to an article on Yahoo, IP Innovation LLC is indeed a Microsoft Spinoff – it is lead by a former member of the Microsoft Digital Restrictions Management team.

We have already seen this strategy of spinning off companies through former employees during the Software Patent campaign, where these companies were used to simulate grassroot lobbying – a strategy commonly known as Astroturfing.

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2007-10-10 07:14:48

Schaeuble blows presentation of new book of Peter Schaar

The german minister of the Interior, Wolfgang Schäuble, ruined the presentation of the new book of the german responsible of data protection measures, Peter Schaar, according to an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Schaar wrote a book about the galloping loss of data protection, which Schäuble was supposed to introduce. Instead, Schäuble asked the highest instance for data protection in Germany weird questions, such as «Are you also against license plates for cars?»

If people caring about data protection as their profession also have to face oppressive measures in their private lifes, we have already attained a state of affairs which is not desirable. Even though one might argue that this action of Schäuble has probably risen the sales figures of the book significantly, making it even more interesting, it is just not acceptable that the private life of a man (or woman) is being invaded in such a way.

This type of oppression is untolerable and a really bad sign for the state of affairs in Germany.

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2007-10-01 02:30:09

NetBSD current lifts off with sysbench

Hubert Feyrer has run some benchmarks on NetBSD-current which show that the SMP porting efforts by Andrew Doran are paying off very well. In his blog, there is a list of benchmark results and an analysis.

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