2007-09-30 19:43:43

Bad luck with election advertisement

Some parties appear to have chosen their election advertisement rather badly. Those are namely the UDC, and the UDC.

The first bill they published is about some person they styled to look remotely like John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The bill has the title «The one with the Kennedy effect». People started questioning themselves whether this means that he attracts Marilyn Monroe or whether he has a bullet in the head.

Similarly well goes the incognito campaign «liste33.tv» of UDC. A black bill which only reads liste33.tv and «The average receipient of social welfare is in his early 30s, undereducated and a foreigner.» The bill then goes on to ask «Do you want this?»

Let's assume for a second that the above premise is true. In this case, the question whether or not one wants it is purely irrelevant. We are not talking about a vision in this case, but about a fact, so the question can be reduced to «Do you want to accept reality?»

However, there is also a problem with the validity of the premise. It can never be true. In Switzerland, foreigners are not eligible to receive social welfare. Thus, the conditions outlined can never be fulfilled.

As such it might seem pretty obvious why the UDC has launched this as an incognito campaign...

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