2007-09-10 00:55:15

When portability is not an issue

Onitake, a MacOS X user from Chaostreff Basel, has recently sent in a bug report to the authors of curl-loader, a HTTP load generator.

In this bug report, Onitake complains about the lack of portability in curl, which uses the glibc<2.4-only feature of a definition of PAGE_SIZE in a system header named <asm/page.h>. The POSIX base specification issue 6 (xpg6) defines a portable interface named sysconf to access system information such as the page size. Additionally, the definition was removed from <asm/page.h> in recent versions of the GNU libc, making this definition a no-go for the future.

In this light, the response of the developers seems even more blatant:

 1. When asm/page.g is not defined there is a custom definition of

 2. We do not care about neither non-linux platforms, nor about POSIX.

 Thanks, however, for your caring and attention.
 Robert Iakobashvili

A candidate for is-broken.ch?

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