2007-09-01 18:16:21

Media coverage on OOXML proceedings (2)

More details about tricks in processing the standard proposal of OOXML (ISO/IEC DIS 29500) have come to attention of several news agencies. The swedish technical newspaper «Ny Teknik» reports that Microsoft admits to have subverted the vote in Sweden. Netzpolitik.org even writes about selling out votes and done deals in the swedish standardization process.

Groklaw has a whole collection about articles: Norway and OOXML, Sweden's new abstention and France still looking for consensus in the actual vote.

Another source of lots of news is ZDnet. They interviewed Georg Greve of the Free Software Foundation, and have a summary of all technical problems with the standard. In their conclusion they give the standard bad marks.

The progressive swiss german news paper WOZ Die Wochzeitung has an article summarizing the problems with OOXML and the procedural issues that have been raised by independent experts. Similarly, the german Computerwoche reports about the manipulations.

Even the Wall Street Journal has discovered the issue and is reporting on the committee stuffing and about Microsoft accusations against IBM to be the driving force behind ODF.

With all these interesting news, we all are looking forward to the ISO decision.

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