2007-08-20 22:41:14

bcollect 0.5 released

Today I released my up-to-now stealth project bcollect. It is basically a clone of ccollect which is written in C. Advantages over ccollect are clear locking and a single configuration file.

However, much work remains to be done here. Apart from the items in the todo file, which I forgot to update before the release, there are also:

  • Push the locking down further. Currently, one single instance of bcollect is permitted to run, and until that instance has finished running, no other instances may start in the same directory.
  • Make the output more suitable for logging.
  • Add ways to specify more arguments to the rsync process.
  • Make the behavior on locked backup dirs configurable.
    And still:
  • Make the rmdir implementation iterative rather than recursive.
  • Implement parallel execution (-p).
  • Implement pre/post execution scripts.

For more details on the project see the BSD project site or the project website.

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