2007-07-27 22:03:53

United Nations Development Program on ODF and OOXML

The UNDP Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme has released a technical whitepaper on the distinctions between ODF and OOXML.

In this paper, the UNDP joins the Japanese argumentation, stating that OOXML is highly suboptimal as a standard. Starting from page 27 of the PDF, the document analyzes the errors and contradictions in the specification very thoroughly. It also mentions the external contradictions, i.e. those with existing ISO standards. Finally, it complains about the references to closed, patented or proprietary formats which are found a lot in the OOXML specification.

The most important part to note about this document is that it is not politically inspired, but focuses on the facts, i.e. the strict technical constraints. This view isn't frequently taken on the pro-OOXML side, and clarifies that from a purely technical point of view, this standard is not admissible, from the point of view of an international organization.

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