2007-07-20 23:06:13

Evaluation of RSS feed readers

Today, I looked at a couple of console based RSS readers. My criteria were that

  1. Of course, it would have to advertise new entries and not advertise old ones.
  2. Since my network at home is IPv6-only, it would have to be IPv6 capable.
  3. It has to work with curses or some familiar interface, when SSHing in from any type of system.

The first candidate is the most prominent one: snownews. Adding an URL of an IPv6-only site gives the result that the name does not get resolved. Opening the entry is not possible. However, with IPv4 records, everything works fine.

Conclusion: not IPv6 compatible.

The second candidate is Raggle. Here, the lists stay at (0/0) all the time too, so apparently Raggle doesn't work either.

Conclusion: not IPv6 compatible.

The third candidate in the list was Olive. However, when adding a feed, it responds:
500 Can't connect to blog.pas-un-geek-en-tant-que-tel.ch:80 (connect: No route to host)

Conclusion: not IPv6 compatible.

wnews and newsbeuter are yet untested, however, better results are not expected either...

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