2007-07-20 20:14:58

Bush removes 5th ammendment

In an executive order, Bush has put the fifth ammendment to the US constitution out of order.

While the fifth ammendment states that no person shall be held responsible for a crime unless he or she has been convicted by a Grand Jury, it also states that exceptions may take place in times of war or public danger. Bush now found that these times have arrived, and passed an executive order to consider people criminals without prior conviction if they threaten the stabilization process in Iraq.

It would thereby of course be a decision of the executive forces to decide whether or not someone constitutes a threat to the stabilization process. Since this is clearly causing more injuries, and is clearly going to destabilize the situation in Iraq further, Bush has possibly incriminated himself with this law. It appears to be just another helpless attempt of a firm believer in law and order to get back control over the situation in Iraq, in order to look better on the day of deauguration. Bush does not do anything else to do other than to reinforce the executive, so that is what he does. As the saying goes, if all you know is a hammer, everything starts to look like nails.

Bush was recently described in the austrian newspaper »Der Standard» as a man who just jumped off the roof of a high building and while still falling asks the spectators not to judge his situation too early.

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