2007-07-19 06:05:47

ANSI: Abstention with comments?

According to Doug Mahugh, the V1 committee in the USA is very likely to vote for Abstention with Comments.

Even after 14 firmly Pro-OOXML entities entered the V1 commttee a couple of days before the decision, their voices were not strong enough to overturn it. This actually means that Microsoft's home country will be missing from the list of promoters of OOXML, since they neglected to follow Microsoft's voting recommendation, which is «Yes, with comments».

However, this is a sane decision. There are over 200 errors in the OOXML specification, and if it is accepted as-is, this means that there is absolutely no reason to fix these problems. As such, an international standard should only be adopted if no severe problems are known which would have to fixed in order for it to be implementable.

Also, the question remains whether or not the standard should be adopted at all, since no justification has yet been given to why OOXML has been drafted in ignorance of existing standards, which cover most if not all of its specification. As such, the standard should be redrafted entirely and reformulated as a set of extensions to ISO/IEC 26300 (Open Document Format), unless reasoning can be provided for the standard.

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