2007-06-13 21:06:21

EPO creates new page about CII - but no news

The European Patent Office has created a new page about Computer Implemented Inventions (Software Patents) which declares it as one of their main issues. The web site continues to claim that the European legislation allows software patents, and that it is therefor legal to grant them.

Also, the article declares the vote against the software patent directive in July 2005 a victory for the EPO because the Parliament «agreed to maintain for the present the EPC's current provisions on software». That may well be true, but other than the EPO claims, the Parliament did thereby not agree on the current practice of the EPO itself, which is to grant software patents on a non-existent legal basis by distortion of legal provisions.

So while software patents are being abolished even in their nation of origin – the United States of America – the EPO continues their attempt to push them on Europe, like greetings from a past time.

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