2007-05-16 11:16:21

EPLA with the jimmy through Switzerland?

According to the swiss german news paper «Der Bund», the swiss patent law revision is also supposed to introduce EPLA-style law in Switzerland. Through this patent revision, the European Union shall be forced to adopt EPLA as well in order to remain compatible to the driving economic force Switzerland.

It is our duty now not to let ourselves get abused as a tool to get what the mega corporations want in Europe. A Patent Litigation agreement would legalize more 30'000 trivial software patents in Europe, which have been granted illegally. If this article is correct, then we need to stop this law, not only on behalf of all software developers in Switzerland, but also on behalf of all software developers in the European Union.

The original article can be found at http://www.espace.ch/artikel_356747.html. The PDF version can be found at[...]/08208Wirtschaft20070410_1.pdf. More information on the EPLA can be found at http://epla.wikidot.com/.

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